Bible Study: 9:30am
Morning Worship: 10:20am
Evening Worship: 5pm


Bible Study: 6:30pm


Jim Selbe


Eddie Hickman

Mark Rector


Frank Curry
David Poyner
Ellis Jarratt
Clayton Russell

Hello Neighbor,

On behalf of the membership of the Beech Grove Church of Christ, we invite you to our worship services and Bible study. You will find our people to be warm and caring. If you are looking for a church home, please come and worship with us. Our building is located on Carters Creek Pike just south of Beechcroft Road (map).

We have strong leaders who designate over fifty percent of our budget to mission work, benevolence and Christian education. Our Bible study classes are designed for people of all ages and are led by capable teachers. If you are new to the community, we welcome you, and want you to know that if we can serve you in any way, please call upon us.

P.S. Again, we would very much like to have you with us; we meet weekly as follows:
Sunday Morning Bible Study ........... 9:30am (temporarily suspended)
Sunday Morning Worship ................ 10:20am (tempoarily changed to 10:30am)
Sunday Evening Worship ................ 5:00pm (temporarily suspended)
Wednesday Evening Bible Study .... 7:00pm (temporarily suspended)