Bible Study: 9:30am
Morning Worship: 10:30am
Evening Worship: 5pm


Bible Study: 7pm


Jim Selbe


Eddie Hickman

Mark Rector

Youth Minister:

Jake McNeese


Frank Curry
David Poyner
Ellis Jarratt
Clayton Russell

About Us

You will find a friendly spirit

We believe that friendliness is the natural quality of people who are seeking to please God. Our visitors will enjoy a warm welcome, and appreciate the courtesy and cordiality of this congregation. We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation to visit us soon. It will be our pleasure to receive you.

The Worship is sincere and devout

Visitors are favorably impressed by the service designed to draw worshipers closer to God and provide enduring personal strength. Our simple order of worship reflects the practices of Christians in the days of the New Testament. Each Sunday, we sing and pray, participate in the Lord’s Supper, receive instructions from God’s word, and give of our means.

You will never be embarrassed

You visit us a welcome and honored guest. You will not be singled out for public attention nor will you be subjected to sectarian or emotional pressures. Every effort will be made to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

The people are Christians only

The congregation is non-denominational, and self-governing without an organic link to any earthly headquarters. Our members seek to be Christians only. We seek a worldwide unity in Christ of all believers based solely upon the authority of the Bible as God’s inspired word following the teachings of Christ and His apostles.